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Game rules
قواعد اللعبة
  • Each player begins the game with LE 100,000 (virtual).Trading (buying/selling) is based on actual daily prices of stocks.
  • Trading hours will replicate the market hours of EGX with 15 minutes delay from the actual trading time, this means that trading in the game will start at 10:15 am and end at 2:45 pm, Sunday through Thursday.
  • When an order is placed outside of the market hours it will not be executed.
  • Dividends ( cash and stock dividends ) distribution : STOCK RIDERS team will announce the dividends distribution for any company before the actual distribution date through the "Announcements section". - cash dividends are added to the cash of the player and stock dividends are added to the player’s portfolio if the company he owns its shares distribute dividends within the current round.
  • A 0.5% brokers fee is charged for all trades.
  • Winners will be determined on the basis of their portfolio ranking at the end of the final day of each round.
  • "Portfolio ranking" is calculated using the following formula: Cash + Portfolio (total market value of stocks)- Brokerage fees.
  • After the end of each round and identifying final ranks of players, all portfolios will be reset to zero, the player cannot participate in the next round holding his old portfolio.
How to participate.
  • STOCK RIDERS can be reached at www.stockriders.com and at the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) website www.egx.com.eg
  • Sign-up and fill the required information in the registration form with valid information, using an active email account.
  • All players must register and comply with the Game Rules and the Terms and conditions of the STOCK RIDERS website.
  • Winners of the game must confirm that they have adhered to the Game Rules.
  • You shall be the only authorized user of the services provided under these Game Rules and you shall not allow any other person to access your account. You shall be responsible for the confidentiality and use of your username and password. You shall be solely responsible for all orders entered in STOCK RIDERS through use of your username and password.
Game time period – rounds
  • Each round will take 3 months.
  • The registration process will be ongoing. This means the player can register himself before the round begins or while the round is taking place, but the earlier you register yourself, the more chance you will have in trading.
Important notes
  • To ensure more flexibility in STOCK RIDERS game, we limit the trading to the most active companies in the market.
  • In case that one or more of these companies changed during the round, the round is completed until its end without change in the list of the most active companies, i.e. the change in the list is made from the following round.
  • When investors buy shares, they are not allowed to sell these shares before 1 day (settlement period – T+1), also investors who sell their shares receive their money after 1 day (settlement period – T+1).
  • Be aware of cash and stock dividends announcements, you can increase your cash or stocks balance by buying in a company that distributes dividends during the current round.
  • Buy or sell transaction must always affect the cash balance immediately i.e. if you don’t have enough cash you will have to sell first in order to be able to buy again.
  • Bonds are not included in the game.
Notification of winners
  • Winners will be notified by e-mail within 5 business days after the end of the Round. If a winner does not respond via e-mail or fax within one week from the date of notification, the next player with the highest portfolio will be deemed the winner. If a winner turns out to be ineligible by a breach of these Rules or the Terms and Conditions of STOCK RIDERS, the player with the next highest portfolio value will be deemed a winner.
  • STOCK RIDERS will be display the winners and their prizes on the STOCK RIDERS website.

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