About Us
من نحن
Dear future investor,
STOCK RIDERS is one of the first steps to guide individuals and improve their ability to invest in the stock exchange and to avoid any wrong ideas about investment in the stock exchange. This game aims to enable players to live the real investment environment and to know many aspects of investing in the stock exchange without real financial loss and with the highest degree of entertainment for players. It is a simple game that simulates the real trading with the real prices of trading of the Egyptian Stock Exchange. Through this game the player is able to take investment decisions, either buying or selling, within the competition round in an exciting atmosphere.
The pilot of this game started in November 2000 and addressed 2 schools and 3 faculties successfully attracting 450 players. By the end of the year 2002 the number of players was over 2500. And by 2005 the players of the game were 6000. In 2006 a new version of the game was introduced based on the (groups) concept to enable each group to trade on the suitable trading hours for them regardless of the real trading time and prices. The number of accounts reached 7500 until the end of the year 2008. But in light of all the suggestions and feedback of the players, we decided to return to the live version which simulates the real prices and trading time of the Egyptian stock exchange through this new website.
Finally, the player of STOCK RIDERS will gain experience of investing in the real stock market with the knowledge he acquire from participating in this game.
Don’t hesitate… take your decision now & join us, there are no losers in our game!