Real-life Investment Experience

StockRiders is one of the most important educational programs that the Egyptian Exchange (EGX).

It is an excellent practice for investment on EGX platform as it allows participants a live investment through a virtual portfolio. Through this simulation game the player will have the opportunity to take investment decisions, either buying or selling, within the competition round in an exciting atmosphere.

StockRiders was inaugurated in November 2000, addressed 2 schools and 3 faculties successfully attracting 450 players raising to thousands by 2018.

Due to the technological advancements that we have been experiencing during the past few years, EGX revamped the game with this new version that reflects the market beat as as it mimics the current trading system.

Investment at EGX is not only for the rich, it’s for every one of us. Do not hesitate… take your decision now & join us, there are no losers in this game!